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About Tary(Wuxi)
Since being founded in 2004, with experience of electronic industry for over twenty years, Tary Technology(Wuxi) Co., Ltd. has specialized in relay product development and agency.
Tary(Wuxi) has the best team for selling and regulating. With restrict regulation, flexible strategies of marketing and professional technique, we offer omnibearing Total Solution to our correspondents. our service stations to Hong Kong and Taiwan. The extensive marketing net won the endorsement and dependence from the correspondents.

The principle of Tary(Wuxi) is to carve out new marketing channels, keep promoting marketing efforts and we also serve our correspondents sincerely. With our high fleshware, strong investment base and triumph experience in Asian market, we believe that we can be outstanding even in the keen competition among the world.

Vision of Management
Tary Technology(Wuxi)’s core spirit is “Transcend”, “Active”, “Real”, “Youthful”. Understanding the needs of the correspondents, in spite of maintaining the partnership between distributorships and correspondents, assist correspondents with creating more flexible logistics, we also emphasis on technique services, offering correspondents valuable total solution to achieve the perfect promise to the correspondents, moreover, wish to be the most outstanding agent in Asia Pacific Zone.


Orient Silver Mansion, No.5-304, Chang Jiang Road, New District, Wuxi, Jiang Su, China
TEL:86-0510-8522-1066 , 8521-1335 , 8522-2108  FAX:86-0510-8521-1669